Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was told Dr. Christian Kaufman is known for his "magic hands" and I am happy to report that this is true. I started going to Dr. Kaufman for overall spinal health and was pleasantly surprised that he could help with so many other conditions I suffered with for many, many years. As a lifetime sufferer of various allergies and stomach troubles, I have found much relief from Dr. Kaufman. One of the things I was extremely happy with was the ease of symptoms from my hand eczema. This chronic condition has caused me many years of itching, discomfort, and embarrassment and after a few short weeks of multiple adjustments, my eczema was dramatically improved. Seven years of trying everything I could to make it stop, was cleared up with the help of Dr. Kaufman.

In addition to the easement of eczema, allergies, and stomach troubles, I have been extremely happy with the benefits of stress and tension relief, improved and relaxed posture, and strengthened immunity. The benefits to chiropractic adjustments are immense and Dr. Kaufman always knows how to treat you so that you always leave his office feeling relaxed and amazing!

Great doctor and a truly life changing experience!"

- Alyssa P.

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Anxiety and Chiropractic

"I decided to visit the chiropractor to deal with my bad posture, which had been troubling me for a few years. But little did I know it would help me with something that I struggled with my entire life. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder in the summer of 2011 and I was put on a few medications in order to deal with this problem. One was a form of Prozac that completely shuts down the receptors in your brain that cause anxiety and the other was a stronger form of Xanax, and both can cause damage to my liver over time. I tried using medication and organic substances to help my symptoms but they were simply not strong enough. And in November of 2012 I began visiting the Chiropractor in order to help my posture and improve my spine after 19 years of sports and other things that could be detrimental to my health. So I began this process and after the first week I realized I did not take anxiety medication (the kind that is used as needed). I found it interesting that in only a week and three treatments my body not only handled my stress well but also my anxiety as well. It may not be as common to have an anxiety disorder but I am sure everyone has stresses in their lives and anxiety in their own way. If it helped someone like myself who was honestly consumed by it, I’m sure Chiropractic care will work wonders for those with the everyday stresses of life. I’m at about three months and I have not taken my medication in a while. I was going to give an approximate time of when the last time I took it was but honestly I don’t remember and that is the best part. I think I have seen my anxiety drop about 90%, which is truly amazing. Of course I still have it due to my condition but it is nice to feel normal again. Overall I feel great physically and best of all mentally due to Chiropractic care and I try to tell everyone I know and I have even started looking into maybe one day being a Chiropractor which shows it has had a major impact."

- Julian

"Dr. Kaufman's true calling in this life is to help others!

Passionate, Driven, Informative, Personable, Consistent, and Helpful are only a few of them many words I would use to describe Dr. Kaufman.

It was the day before Christmas, in 2008, when I found Dr. Christian thumbing through my town's phone book. To my surprise, because it was right before closing when I made the call, he said, "come on in and let's see what's going on." I thought it was great of him because I was feeling pain and in need of HELP and HOPE.

Through chiropractic wasn't new to me and I was already seeing a chiropractor, I just wasn't happy with the results that I was getting with my last chiropractor. For such a long time I was hesitant to leave my last chiropractor because of our long friendship and fear of change. I must have visited about 13 local chiropractors over the years but they just weren't consistent with their adjustments. Some were too fast, not very personable, and more importantly not a guarantee of help for me. I found going in for my adjustments with many was a gamble as to whether I was going to walk out of their office feeling any relief or not.

With Dr. Kaufman I have struck gold. While I know that I am a bit of a challenge to most chiropractors, due to having a double fusion on my cervical spine, Dr. Kaufman doesn't ever have a problem quickly pin pointing where the subluxations are and then quickly removing them. Actually, with Dr. Kaufman, he seems to do a lot less than many other chiropractors but I get better results!

What more can I say. This is not a sales pitch. I've been around the block with chiropractors and I have the experience to say he is top notch. He is the only one I recommend to those around me. While it may sometimes be a challenge for me to get some in to visit him, it's funny how they keep going back once they have given his adjustments a chance. They know, as I do, there is consistent relief and help with Dr. Kaufman.

Thanks Dr. Kaufman! What would I do without you!?!"

- Billy G.

"I am writing this letter to offer my deepest appreciation for Doctor Kaufman.

Three years ago, I suffered the worst lower back pain that a person could ever experience. After numerous cortisone shots, two failed non-evasive back surgeries and pain killers, I was ready to give up on life.

I crawled into Doctor Kaufman's door two years ago, without much hope. I had tired other chiropractors in the area; but the results were very disappointing.

Doctor Kaufman did a thorough examination of my back and was able to give me hope where others doctors could not.

The first time you get adjusted by Doctor Kaufman, it is a very strange experience. His modalities are quite expansive, so each time he many use a different technique.

The best part of his technique is the applied kinesiology work. He is able to use his hands to feel the pressure and inflammation throughout the patient's body.

After about a month, my back pain was gone. After three months I have noticed many other positive results from getting adjusted by Doctor Kaufman. I have fewer headaches, more energy and I feel better than I have in many years.

I tell Doctor Kaufman that he has the hands of God. After spending over $75,000 on failed back procedures, he was able to do what others never could!

I recommend Doctor Christian Kaufman to anyone who is looking for an excellent chiropractor. One who cares deeply about his patients."

- Greg C.

"I began seeing Dr. Christian because of a back injury that I sustained from a fall down stairs. I had been advised to have surgery. After much research I made a decision to see a chiropractor. At our first meeting Dr. Christian asked many questions, did a thorough exam, explained every aspect of my care, answered all of my concerns and set up my first visit for an adjustment. He makes you feel as if you are family.

Upon our first visit I mentioned my life long problem with migraines. I thought that was just going to be my life - monthly headaches that would make me ill for three days. I actually came to see Dr. Christian while I had a migraine and an hour after the adjustment my headache eased up and I did not suffer from the bounce back headache that I always experienced. I was surprise that I recovered so quickly.

Keeping appointments and maintaining consistency has helped me recover on more than one level. My back is better with less pain and my headaches and allergies have been manageable with Dr. Christian's help. I have begun bringing my daughter to see Dr. Christian as well."

- Rose K.

"When I started going out with my boyfriend, he suggested I go to a chiropractor to help with my asthma which I had my whole life. I thought he was crazy. I said to him the famous saying, "But I don't have a bad back. Why would I go there?" He explained to me that people don't go there for just bad backs, and that I should just try it.

I was so reluctant and scared to try something new until one day I pulled something in my back while carrying groceries and was in a lot of pain. I decided to see his chiropractor which was Springfield where we lived. It helped so much I can't even explain the difference that it made. I was able to get through allergy season without being hospitalized and out of work.

Last year, we moved back to Lyndhurst where I am originally from, and we were in the process of looking for a new chiropractor. I went to another doctor briefly (who will remain nameless) and felt uncomfortable and uneasy with him. As a woman, I wanted to feel comfortable being adjusted by a man, and with this doctor I did not. He was also very pushy and continued to pressure me to come back even when I did not have time for appointments.

I had just about given up on how good my body could feel after an adjustment, when I found Dr. Christian at the Rutherford street fair. Something about him just made me feel comfortable. Dr. Christian was soft spoken, knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned about explaining what chiropractic was all about. He had me stand on a little platform and he maneuvered strings behind me to show my posture. My body was leaning to one side, no wonder why I felt terrible and tired all the time.

I was convinced that I needed to start going again. I went to his office where Dr. Christian performed an examination, took x-rays, and told me what was actually going on with my body, before I even told him my health problems. I was amazed at this. He was dead on: lung problems, allergies, digestive problems and headaches. It was so amazing to me.

I started to go to Dr. Christian in September of 2007, and I can't explain the difference I have seen in my health. I am a teacher and am surrounded by young children all day and I actually survived the winter cold season with Dr. Christian's help. Being adjusted boosts your immune system and helps you fight off getting sick. I would not have believed it either if I had not just lived through it. It helped my allergies, headaches, and asthma symptoms as well.

I can not say enough about Dr. Christian and his practice. I tell everyone I meet how great he is. My 67 year old mother started to go to him as well. She feels 100% better. If I would send my own mother there, what do you have to lose?"

- Andrea G.

"My whole life I have always considered myself to be a healthy person. I exercise, get enough sleep, and try to eat well. I've never experienced "back pain" so I never thought I needed to see a chiropractor. Growing up I would get occasional headaches, and every now and then a whopper of a headache. Again, I never put much thought into what was causing my headaches, because everyone gets headaches, it's just a way of life. (So I thought.)

I was having lunch with a friend and she told me that she had an appointment to see her Chiropractor later that day. I asked her if she had back pain, and she said, "No. I go to the chiropractor to balance my spine." This statement opened up a whole conversation about what chiropractic can do for one's health. I brought up that I occasionally get headaches, and my friend told me that she couldn't remember the last time she had a headache, and she use to get them all the time. She asked if I wanted to go with her to see her Chiropractor, and I nervously said yes.

My first visit with Dr. Christian was to my surprise very pleasant. He was very welcoming and explained everything thoroughly. He took a few x-rays, and did an examination. At my report of findings he told me what he had found in the consultation and by looking at my bones on my x-rays. A person's neck is suppose to have a nice curve and mine over time has become straight as an arrow. He explained that this could cause many health problems, one of them being headaches.

I've been seeing Dr. Christian for 10 months as of writing this, and within those ten months I have not had a headache!

Chiropractic worked for me, and I have no doubt that it can work for you!"

- Melissa C.

"I am a 27-year old man in relatively good health. I exercise regularly and try to eat well. When Dr. Christian opened his new practice, I had never seen a chiropractor and didn't think seeing one could improve my health. I have digestive problems, ulcerative colitis to be specific, and often feel pain in my lower back after working out or sitting for long periods of time. Dr. Christian gave me a complimentary initial evaluation. We sat and talked about my health concerns, my currently well being, my goals and what chiropractic medicine was all about. I learned that I had received a lot of misinformation about chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Christian took X-rays and evaluated me using something I new nothing about, applied kinesiology. It was amazing to see how my body immediately reacted to the consumption of a little sugar or the slightest adjustment. Dr. Christian was patient, explained every step of the process and provided me with additional information and good conversation. It was a refreshing change from many doctors who make me feel rushed, over-medicated and too ignorant to discuss my health problems in detail. He told me that he felt regular chiropractic adjustments could help me achieve my goals: relieving my lower back pain, increased flexibility, better posture and improved digestion without medication. At this last point I was skeptical. How would adjusting my spine help my digestion?

I followed his advice and began regular visits. Almost immediately I saw results. I slept better. My lower back no longer hurt after workouts. My flexibility increased to the point where I could touch my toes (I don't remember the last time I could do this without bending my knees.) Finally, my digestion became regular, healthier and more comfortable. After several months of chiropractic visits, my digestion has improved to the point that I plan to try discontinuing my medication, medicine that I was told I would have to take forever, in favor of chiropractic adjustments and a digestive enzyme.

I am a person who favors preventive medicine and natural remedies. Simply stated, Dr. Christian has my body working at a much more efficient and healthier level. I am very thankful for his help and recommend his care to anyone who will listen."

- Sean H.



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